About EVES

EVES Veterinary Emergency Treatment

Your pet may be injured or become ill at any time. Ideally you would call your own vet but what if they are off duty? Even when they are on call it often means your vet is treating your pet in addition to performing a full and busy day's work the next day.

Exonia Veterinary Emergency Service (EVES) is a dedicated out of hours emergency veterinary service. Working out of St Davids Veterinary Hospital in Exeter (which can be found next to St Davids train station) EVES has been set up to provide emergency care for the East and South Devon pet owner whilst your vet is closed and off-duty. For the exact hours that we open for you please refer to your usual veterinary surgery's opening times.

Being a dedicated veterinary emergency service it ensures that:

  • Your own vet is able to rest so that they are fresh and ready to see you the next day
  • South and East Devon pet owners can rest assured that they will have access to a veterinary service that is solely dedicated to emergency and critical care.


If you are worried about your pets health you would usually ring your own vet. If they are off duty you will now either be put through directly to the team at EVES or their telephone number will be given to you via your vets answer machine.

EVES is staffed by an experienced and friendly veterinary team. As the team do not work during the day, they are fresh and ready to respond to your call. Whether it is simply for some advice over the telephone or to see you and your pet, the team will be delighted to help you.

If the vet advises that it is best not to delay until the morning to see your pet, you will be asked to come down to the Veterinary Hospital near Exeter St Davids station. Your pet will be assessed by the veterinary team and appropriate treatment given. It may be that your pet requires nursing overnight, which would require your pet to stay in the hospital. The next morning - as long as they are well enough to travel - you will then be able to take your pet to see your own vet.

By the time your surgery has opened your own vet will have been updated on all the treatment and care (including any test results) administered to your pet during the night.



Vet emergency team

You will be seen by a veterinary team passionate about emergency and critical care and who continually undertake further training in emergency care.

Nursing through the night

The vet and nurse are on duty throughout the night so your pet will receive continuous nursing as required. They are always on hand to answer any concerns or questions that you may have about your pet.

St Davids Veterinary hospital

Based at St Davids Veterinary hospital our first class facilities ensure the most modern emergency treatment and care will be available for your pet.


If you are worried about your pet don't delay calling us until the morning. No call is too trivial and you will always be able to speak to an experienced member of the team. Not only does it give you peace of mind but in our experience the earlier a problem is addressed the quicker the recovery.

Terms of Business


Hours of Opening

As an emergency out of hours service we will be open when your usual veterinary surgery is closed.

Our hours of opening are:
Mon to Friday 19:00 pm to 08:00 am
Saturday midday to Monday 08:00 am

Please check with your own surgery as the exact hours may vary depending on when your surgery is closed.

Download Directions (PDF)