Frequently asked questions


Why has my vet chosen to use EVES?

Your daytime vet has chosen to use the EVES service in order to provide the very best around the clock care for your pet.
Using the EVES service means that your vet can concentrate on delivering the highest level of care for your pet in the daytime while the EVES team has a vet and nurse on site at all times should you need help for your pet out of hours.

Can I use the EVES service?

EVES can only see cases from clients that are registered with practices that have signed up to the EVES service. The details of these practices can be found in our ‘about us’ section.
If your vet is not listed then you will need to use the on call facilities that they have chosen to provide.

How do I get help for my pet in an emergency?

If your practice is signed up to the EVES service and you are at all concerned about your pet while your practice is closed you can call EVES for free advice on whether your pet needs to be seen.
If we advise that your pet should be seen we will ask you to bring him/her down to the surgery.

Can the vet come to my house to see my pet?

As is the case for human emergencies the best place for your pet to receive emergency treatment is in our veterinary hospital. It is only there that we can have access to the full range of drugs and equipment that we need to give them the best chance of making a full recovery. Bringing your pet to the surgery will allow us to start effective treatment more quickly.
However, we will provide a house visit when necessary and in exceptional circumstances our vet may even advise that your pet is not moved without veterinary supervision. In these circumstances our vet will make arrangements to come out to you to further assess your pet and to help transport it back to the surgery for emergency treatment. As you might expect this service will incur additional costs and these will be discussed with you prior to the vet making the visit. Please also be aware that our vets and nurses often have to balance the needs of several very sick animals and this can mean that there may be a delay in providing a visit where another case has to take clinical priority. In some instances we may even need to arrange for another vet to provide ongoing care for inpatients before our vet can leave the surgery to make the visit.

How will my usual vet know what treatment my pet received at EVES?

Our team works very hard to make sure that we are a true extension of your daytime practice. We send a full copy of our comprehensive notes to your daytime vet before they open the following day and we provide hard copies of x-rays for you to take along to any follow up appointments.

What happens if my pet needs to stay in for treatment?

The majority of cases that we see overnight will not require an overnight stay. If your pet does need to stay with us we will keep you fully informed of your pets progress and of the cost of treatment being received.
If your pet is well enough we will then make arrangements to discharge them the following morning for ongoing treatment with your usual vet.
In some cases you may be asked to transport your pet directly to your daytime practice for ongoing treatment but if there is any concern at all about whether your pet is well enough to travel we will arrange for them to receive excellent ongoing care on site until such time as they are well enough to be moved.

Will I need to pay for treatment immediately?

We expect payment at the time of treatment in the same way as your daytime veterinary practice as unfortunately this is the only way that we can run a successful practice and be there for you in times of emergency.
However, your pet’s welfare will always take priority and if you are concerned about any financial difficulty you should discuss this with our team. We can then work together to provide an appropriate level of care for your pet and if necessary we can discuss payment options with you.

Will my pet insurance cover the cost of treatment?

It’s not possible for us to say for certain that your pet’s treatment will be covered by pet insurance. However, the majority of insurance companies will provide cover for emergency treatment received at the surgery.
Pet insurance provides many different levels of cover and we would strongly advise that you check what is covered under your insurance BEFORE an emergency occurs.

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Need Help to Transport Your Pet to the Clinic?

Our clinic is situated right next door to St David’s train station and as a result clients without their own transport have often found the frequent train services to and from Exmouth and other areas very useful for transporting their pets.

The following private services are also locally available to help you to transport your animal to the surgery:

Animals at Home (Jayne Archer)
07502 303 099

Amigo's Pet Services (Frank Freeman)
01392 879235
07954 403 863

Capital Cars
01392 434343
01392 433433


JAK'S taxis
01395 741186
07977 788 834

Lympstone Taxi Hire
07812 661213

Animals as Home
07502 303 099


Paul's Taxi Okehampton
07528 175 098